Monday, June 14, 2010

Papercraft Zakumi from Ruang Antho

written by Cubist Mascot

Last week you may remember the Muscle Mascot introduced us all to Zakumi - the 2010 World Cup Mascot. (Re. Football Crazy!) See? I told you he did! And today we’re going to meet him again. But this time we’re going to be meeting him in the flesh! Well, maybe not in the flesh, but most definitely in the paper! Confused? Then take a look at this…

Papercraft Zakumi from Ruang Antho
What you are looking at is the fantastic papercraft Zakumi created by Ruang Antho to celebrate the 2010 World Cup. And the best thing about it is… you can get one too! Simply head over to Ruang Antho’s blog, download and print off his design. And with some scissors, glue, and a little bit of patience, you too can have your very own Zakumi paper model!

Happy cutting and crafting,
Cubist Mascot :)

P.S. Be sure to check Ruang’s other crafting goodies too! You wont be disappointed!