Friday, June 25, 2010

More World Cup Wonders!

Readers' Art

Dear Senior Mascot,

Due to the resounding success of my last football related email (Re. World Cup Wonders!) I have decided to have another go at kawaiifying this glorious sporting occasion. And this time I’ve chosen to delve even further into the illustrious past of this magnificent tournament - hence my addressing this email to you! After all, it’s not like the Junior Mascot is going to remember this…

Another Kawaiified World Cup Wonder!
Yes, it’s that glorious day from 1966 when Bobby Moore led England to World Cup victory in that unforgettable 4-2 defeat over Germany! I’m sure you remember it well! Naturally I’ve cast yourself in the role of Bobby Moore, triumphantly holding aloft the Jules Rimet Trophy for all to see! Well, I could hardly of used the Cute Mascot, could I? Hope you enjoy it!

Yours sincerely,
Charlie “Chopper” McAllister. Aged 53.

Senior Mascot replies...

Marvellous work Charlie! And a great excuse for me to do a spot of grandiose reminiscing! Although, to be honest, once you reach my age, you seldom need an excuse for that old chestnut!

Keep up the sterling work,
Senior Mascot :)

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