Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monthly Round-up. June 2010

written by Ed Mascot

Well folks, there goes the month of June! And what a fun, and football filled, month it was! A month in which we found out how to survive the World Cup, met a papercraft Zakumi, and got to see a kawaiified footballing moment, twice! And along the way we got to meet some great designers and crafters including Yozo Craft, Knitting Dreams, and the marvellously monstrous Meep, to name but a few! And, of course, there was our monthly puzzle. Did you work out who scored the goal?

GOOOOAAAL! The Demon Mascot scores!
Incredible! It was the Demon Mascot! And what a great shot too! Maybe we mascots should think about getting our own team together for the next World Cup! If only we had our own country! Oh well, I’m afraid that’s all for this month readers. But be sure to come back in July when we’ll have plenty more kawaii crafts and craziness for you all to enjoy! And, I’m sure a lot of you will be happy to hear, a lot less football too!

See you all in July.
Your host with the most,
Ed Mascot :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cute Crafts from Micasita House

written by Adorable Mascot

As you probably already know we mascots here at KawaiiPunk are big fans of Etsy. Well, we do write about cute crafts for a kawaii blog after all. And things don’t get much cuter and craftier than Etsy :) So today I’d like to introduce you all to another cute crafter from the kawaiitastic world of Etsy. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you Micasita House…

Micasita House at Etsy
Micasita House is a crafting sensation that excels in creating dolls, buttons, brooches, stationery, and accessories. And every one of its creations glows with charm and adorabilty. From its cute bird brooches to its beautiful bunny stickers, Micasita House is shining example of kawaii crafting prowess, and well worth a visit for fans of cute crafting everywhere! As I’m sure you’ll agree :)

Your curator of crafts,
Adorable Mascot :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

More World Cup Wonders!

Readers' Art

Dear Senior Mascot,

Due to the resounding success of my last football related email (Re. World Cup Wonders!) I have decided to have another go at kawaiifying this glorious sporting occasion. And this time I’ve chosen to delve even further into the illustrious past of this magnificent tournament - hence my addressing this email to you! After all, it’s not like the Junior Mascot is going to remember this…

Another Kawaiified World Cup Wonder!
Yes, it’s that glorious day from 1966 when Bobby Moore led England to World Cup victory in that unforgettable 4-2 defeat over Germany! I’m sure you remember it well! Naturally I’ve cast yourself in the role of Bobby Moore, triumphantly holding aloft the Jules Rimet Trophy for all to see! Well, I could hardly of used the Cute Mascot, could I? Hope you enjoy it!

Yours sincerely,
Charlie “Chopper” McAllister. Aged 53.

Senior Mascot replies...

Marvellous work Charlie! And a great excuse for me to do a spot of grandiose reminiscing! Although, to be honest, once you reach my age, you seldom need an excuse for that old chestnut!

Keep up the sterling work,
Senior Mascot :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sugar Cakes. Sweets with Smiles!

written by Mischief Mascot

OK readers, get ready for some fun! Because today I’ve got a kawaii treat for you that’s guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Well, maybe not the Grumpy Mascot, but some things are even beyond my mischievous powers :) For the rest of us however I’ve got a shop that’s packed with so many tasty treats, your hungry bellies will be fit to bursting!

Sugar Cakes at Zazzle
Ta da! What you are looking at, my fellow followers of fun and frivolity, are just some of the sweet sensations available from the Sugar Cakes Zazzle store. I know, they are tasty looking, aren’t they? And with everything from dumplings and cupcakes to ice cream and bubblegum, this shop really does have something for every appetite! See? I told you you’d be smiling!

Keeping treats tasty,
Mischief Mascot :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Keeper Capers! Grumpy Mascot!

written by Puzzle Mascot

OK readers, time for another puzzle - if I can think of one that is! If only there was some sort of event or happening that could give me some inspiration! Perhaps a sporting event or tournament where people from around the world come together and compete for some kind of cup or something. Oh well, I guess we can’t have everything! So in the meantime, here’s a puzzle about football…

Can you work out which mascot scored the goal?
As you can see the Grumpy Mascot has got some of his colleagues together in an attempt to show off his goal keeping skills. Apparently he reckons he can stop a free kick from any distance - quite the claim, if you ask me! But wait! It looks like one of his fellow mascots has bested him! The question is… which mascot managed to score the goal? Was it the Fierce, the Eighties, or the Demon Mascot? Can you work it out? The answer, as ever, will be revealed in this month’s monthly round-up!

Happy analyzing,
Puzzle Mascot :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Football Mad!

Readers' Emails

Dear Ed Mascot,

It pains me to have to write to this “so called” kawaii blog for a third time, especially as I thought I’d made myself abundantly clear the first two times (Re. Sweet and Scary! and Cute and Creepy!), but yet again it seems like you have completely forgotten the point of your own blog. And all it took was one little football tournament (Re. Football Crazy! and World Cup Wonders!) So… in an effort to refocus your attentions to the proposed purpose of your blog, I have created this…

What I think of the World Cup!
It’s a picture of the Lovestruck Mascot - the very cute and kawaii Lovestruck Mascot, I hasten to add! - having a go at a game of football. And, as I’m sure you can see, she seems to be finding the whole experience completely and utterly boring! So much so, in fact, that she can actually be seen to say “This is boring!” Hmmm? I wonder what it can all mean? Any ideas Ed?

Take the hint,
Vanessa Thompson. Aged 26.

Ed Mascot replies...

Wow! You’re right! How could I have been so short sighted? There I was getting so caught up in the 2010 World Cup, that I completely forgot to mention the 2011 Women’s World Cup! Rest assured Vanessa that this error will be well and truly corrected when the competition begins in Germany on June 26th 2011!

Always happy to help our readers,
Ed Mascot :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knitting Dreams. Cutest Teddy Bears Ever!

written by Teddy Mascot

For over 100 years now children and grown ups alike have been charmed and delighted by one toy above all others - the teddy bear! And today, right here, right now, I intend to continue this glorious tradition by introducing you to some more of these wonderful toys. But these teddies aren’t just your average bears, these teddies are the cutest teddy bears in the world…

Knitting Dreams at Etsy
See what I mean? The teddies you are looking at, and undoubtedly saying “awww” as you do so, are the creations of the amazingly adorable Knitting Dreams at Etsy. And what incredibly cute creations they are! In fact, they’re so cute, you might just have to pick up a few and have yourself a good old fashioned teddy bear’s picnic! Let’s all just hope you get some summer sunshine to go with it!

Your teddy bear toymaster,
Teddy Mascot :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Papercraft Zakumi from Ruang Antho

written by Cubist Mascot

Last week you may remember the Muscle Mascot introduced us all to Zakumi - the 2010 World Cup Mascot. (Re. Football Crazy!) See? I told you he did! And today we’re going to meet him again. But this time we’re going to be meeting him in the flesh! Well, maybe not in the flesh, but most definitely in the paper! Confused? Then take a look at this…

Papercraft Zakumi from Ruang Antho
What you are looking at is the fantastic papercraft Zakumi created by Ruang Antho to celebrate the 2010 World Cup. And the best thing about it is… you can get one too! Simply head over to Ruang Antho’s blog, download and print off his design. And with some scissors, glue, and a little bit of patience, you too can have your very own Zakumi paper model!

Happy cutting and crafting,
Cubist Mascot :)

P.S. Be sure to check Ruang’s other crafting goodies too! You wont be disappointed!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cuteness Abounds at Yozo Craft

written by Cute Mascot

Here at the KawaiiPunk Blog we always strive to bring our readers the cutest crafts available. And today, I’m happy to say, is no exception! But today we’re not only going to introduce you to some fine kawaii crafts, we’re also going to tell you where to get some fine kawaii crafting supplies! So, are you ready for a cuteness overload? Then take a look at this…

Kawaii crafting goodies at Yozo Craft
This, my crafty connoisseurs, is the fantastic Yozo Craft! I know, it is sweet, isn’t it? Yozo Craft specialise in super cute sewing and craft supplies from Japan, as well as bringing you some truly adorable stationery and handmade goodies along the way! With everything from fabrics and tapes to erasers and folders, not to mention worldwide shipping, Yozo Craft truly is a one stop shop for cute crafters everywhere. Enjoy!

Keeping crafting cute,
Cute Mascot :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Football Crazy!

Ask a Mascot

Dear Muscle Mascot,

Help! A couple of months ago I asked out a boy at school I liked, and thankfully he said yes :) But unfortunately, like most boys, he has one major flaw - it’s called football! Up until now it hasn’t really been a problem because I’ve got a Saturday job that gives me the perfect excuse to avoid going to matches with him as he cheers on his team and acts all bloke-ish, or whatever boys do at football games! But with the World Cup starting in a couple of days I fear that my luck is about to run out and, horror of horrors, it looks like I’m going to have to watch a football match with him! I asked my Gran for some advice about what to do, and she reckons I should fake interest to keep him happy. My Gran’s got six marriages under her belt, so I’m guessing she knows what she’s talking about! The problem is I don’t know anything about football, and haven’t got a clue what to say when watching a match! Can you help me?

Yours sincerely,
Emily Lavender.

Muscle Mascot replies...

Emily, you’ve come to the right mascot. As a fan of all things sporting and healthy I am naturally an expert in all things football related. And thanks to my knowledge, you can be too! Here’s my top 5 clichéd generic football phrases to get you through the World Cup…

1. “This game could really do with a goal.” A phrase to use between the 25th minute and half time when a score remains 0-0. Or throughout the entire 90 minutes when you get to the knock out stages, as anyone who watched 2006 World Cup will doubtlessly agree!

2. “The next goal’s going to be crucial.” Use this one when there’s a two goal difference in the fist half, or a one goal difference in the early stages of the second! But be sure to an eye on the clock! Uttering this anytime after the 65th minute could see your cover blown!

3. “There’s still time.” A calming phrase used to bring supporters hope when their team goes a goal down at any stage within the first 80 minutes. Any such declaration afterwards is generally considered an act of wishful desperation and denial!

4. “Looks like extra time.” A profound affirmation of the blatantly obvious to be used in the knock out stages when a match reaches the 85th minute and remains tied. Can also be used in the 25th minute of extra time if there has been no resolution - simply replace “extra time” with “penalties.”

5. “That’s football.” A generic phrase of such epically meaningless proportions that it can be used as both comment and response throughout the entire World Cup Tournament. If in any doubt at all, this is the phrase to use!

So there you go Emily, my top 5 clichéd generic football phrases to get you through the 2010 World Cup. And who knows? By the end of it, you may even find out you like football after all! Here’s a little guy called Zakumi to get you in the mood…

See? That wasn’t so bad, was it? And you even got to learn the name of the official World Cup mascot too! I bet your boyfriend doesn’t know what he’s called :)

Your friendly footballing friend,
Muscle Mascot :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Marvellous Monsters from Meep!

written by Junior Mascot

OK readers, time to meet some monsters? What? You don’t like monsters? You think they’re scary? Well, get ready to have your world turned upside down! Because the monsters we’re about to meet are amongst the cutest you’ll have ever seen! So get yourself out from behind that couch, take those cushions away from your eyes, and have a look at these little guys…

Meep at RedBubble
See? I told you they were cute! These cuddly little creations are the work of Meep at RedBubble. And what an amazing piece of work they are! For not only has Meep managed to make monsters look incredibly cute, she’s also managed to put them on t-shirts for us all to wear and enjoy! Still think monsters are scary? Thought not :)

Always keeping things cute,
Junior Mascot :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

World Cup Wonders!

Readers' Art

Dear Sneaky Mascot,

With the 2010 World Cup a mere week away I thought now would be a good time to introduce some much needed football into this blog. Granted, being a kawaii blog I’m guessing it doesn’t really want to be filling itself with football, but what the hey? I’m going to do it anyway! And, in a tribute to your own sneaky self, I’ve decided to do it in a sneaky way - by disguising it as a kawaii artwork…

A Kawaiified World Cup Wonder!
What d’ya think? It’s a kawaii interpretation of the infamous “Hand of God” moment from the 1986 quarter-final between England and Argentina. I’ve cast yourself in the role of Diego Maradona - a fitting choice with a name like yours! - and decided the Miffed Mascot should take the role of Peter Shilton - again, a fitting choice given the decision to let the goal stand! Roll on June 11th!

Yours sincerely,
Charlie “Chopper” McAllister. Aged 53.

Sneaky Mascot replies...

Thanks Charlie! What a great piece of art! And what a pleasure to see myself in such an infamous incident of sneakiness! Although the Ed Mascot has asked me to let our younger readers know that cheats never prosper - YAWN!

Thanks again,
Sneaky Mascot :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tasty Treats at Cute N Sweet Café

written by Sweet Mascot

In the increasingly health conscious times we live in we’re often told that the key to a happy life is to avoid junk food and sweets at all costs. Well, I say phooey to that! After all, a little sweet treat now and again never hurt anyone :) And to prove my point, as if I really needed to, I’d like to introduce you all to some super sweet treats that are just the ticket for a spot of guilt free feasting…

Cute N Sweet Café at Etsy
See what I mean? These tasty treats can be found at the Cute N Sweet Café over at Etsy, and are the perfect gift for junk food fanatics everywhere. Junk food jewellery fanatics, that is! With everything from cupcake necklaces and chessecake charms to lollipop earrings and ice cream rings, the Cute N Sweet Café is living proof that you can have your cake and eat it. And wear it too!

Bon appetit,
Sweet Mascot :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Horoscopes for June 2010

written by Mystic Mascot

Ahhhh… the mists clear and once again the spirits come forth. But wait! Is that the sound of a whistle I hear? Are they wearing football strips? Yes, it seems that not even the spirits are immune to the lure of the World Cup! Get ready for the kick off…

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20
What at first seems likes a bargain may turn out to be major financial blunder. Besides, can you really see yourself using a gym five times a week?
Lucky World Cup team: Cameroon

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21
Now is the time to learn the trumpet if you’ve been thinking about learning the trumpet. If you haven’t, then don’t bother!
Lucky World Cup team: Germany

Gemini May 22 - Jun 22
Avoiding all things football related is the key to surviving this month unscathed. So get ready for a disappointing month! Sorry!
Lucky World Cup team: France

Cancer Jun 23 - Jul 23
Switching off electrical equipment at night is a good way to save energy. Switching off your phone mid conversation is just rude. Remember this difference!
Lucky World Cup team: Mexico

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23
Now’s the time to fix that belt you’ve been meaning to fix, unless you enjoy embarrassing workplace incidents! You have been warned!
Lucky World Cup team: Brazil

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23
Listening to whale song may help you relax, but is it really conducive to dining? Bear this in mind when planning that dinner party!
Lucky World Cup team: Italy

Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23
An unexpected guest has the potential to ruin an otherwise perfect night in! Best to call ahead and let them know you’re coming!
Lucky World Cup team: England

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22
An embarrassing incident from your past will come back to haunt you this month! So start thinking up those evil twin excuses right now!
Lucky World Cup team: Japan

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21
Oh oh! Looks like your favourite TV show is about to be postponed and rescheduled! Well, what did you expect? It is World Cup time!
Lucky World Cup team: Spain

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20
The phrase “the best things in life are free” does not mean its okay to steal stuff! Just letting you know before your boss does!
Lucky World Cup team: Netherlands

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19
Saving money on shorts by cutting the legs off your trousers may seem like a good idea, but it’s not without its consequences! Think on!
Lucky World Cup team: Argentina

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20
Rolling around on the floor with a ball of wool while purring is only cute when kittens do it! Remember this to avoid embarrassment!
Lucky World Cup team: South Africa

Ahhhh… the mists return, the final whistle blows, and the spirits depart. But did they leave you over the moon, or sick as a parrot? Until we meet again,
Mystic Mascot :)