Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

written by Ed Mascot

Yes readers, it’s true! The KawaiiPunk - Kawaii Mascot Blog is one year old today! I know, it does seem like longer, doesn’t it! Anyway, as I sat here all those months ago typing away and dreaming of becoming a successful blogger, I little though that a mere one year later I’d still be here having seen those heady dreams fully realised! What? We’ve got 34 followers, and I’m pretty sure someone commented on something once! Anyway, again, to mark this glorious occasion I commissioned this…

KawaiiPunk Blog - One year old today!
It’s a photograph of the entire KawaiiPunk team of mascots to date! And what a team they are! Incredible! Who can forget all the wonderful and insightful contributions they’ve made to this incredible blog! Like the time that… uh… em… ah… well let’s not dwell on the past, shall we? Let’s celebrate the moment and look to the future! After all, surely it can only go uphill from here! Right? One! Two! Three! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Your mascot master of ceremonies,
Ed Mascot :)