Friday, May 28, 2010

Dreamy Designs by Nyxxie

written by Junior Mascot

Hello readers, it’s me again… the Junior Mascot! And yes, you’re right, this is my third post this month! Woo hoo! Well, when you keep finding as many cool designers and shops as I do, you’ve got to share them with someone, right? And speaking of cool designers and shops, take a look at this…

Designs by Nyxxie at Zazzle
Ta da! This, my fellow fans of cute, is just a sample of what’s awaiting you at the fantastic Zazzle store - Designs by Nyxxie! And when I say just a sample, I mean just a sample! Because this shop has got more cute characters than a convention for kittens! Pigs, penguins, elephants, pandas, and more - they’re all right there waiting for you and looking as cute they come! There’s even a Loch Ness monster too! How cool is that?

Your friendly funster,
Junior Mascot :)