Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creamous. The Cuteness Continues!

written by Junior Mascot

Hi everybody! A few months ago you may remember I told you about the fantastic work of Creamous. (Re. Made Famous by Creamous!) See? I told you I told you! Well… get ready for a treat readers, because today I’m going to tell you about them all over again! No, not because I’ve lost my memory, but because the good folks at Creamous have just released a whole new series of accessories! And they’ve even got some new artwork too! Here, have a look…

New accessories at Creamous!
Pretty cool, isn’t it? The Creamous Accessories Vol#2 are out now and are the perfect gift for any crafty connoisseur or kawaii collector. Not to mention an ideal accompaniment for anyone who managed to pick themselves up a Creamous Little figure! But get in quick folks, because I’ve a feeling that these goodies are going to be very popular!

Your crafty collector,
Junior Mascot :)

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