Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Campaign for KawaiiPunk!

Readers' Art

Dear Ed Mascot,

At the end of my previous email (Re. Campaign for Clowns!) I hinted at the idea of creating further campaign posters for unpopular topics. Although, to be honest, I did think that topping clowns as a lost cause would be hard act to follow! But then I got to thinking… surely there has to be something worse than clowns to popularise! And, as it turned out, I was right…

Campaign poster for KawaiiPunk!
The answer, of course, was your very own decidedly mediocre blog! I know, I’m a genius! There I was racking my brains to find a suitable loser and/or bunch of losers to make a poster for, when all the time the answer had been staring me right in the eye! Your very own KawaiiPunk - Kawaii Mascot Blog! A shining beacon of hopelessness if ever there was one! No need to thank me :)

Yours sincerely,
Colin Cumberland. Aged 53.

Ed Mascot replies...

Fantastic! Proof again, if proof were ever needed, that the KawaiiPunk - Kawaii Mascot Blog is the number one blog of choice! Colin, I salute you!

Your blog host with the blog most,
Ed Mascot :)

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