Friday, April 23, 2010

Monstar Clothing. Cute and Cool!

written by Skull Mascot

As the newest member of the KawaiiPunk Mascots I thought I’d better make my first post something special. Something that sums up my discerning eye for kawaii and innate instinct for all things cool. After all, first impressions are very important, even for monsters like me :) Luckily I already had something in mind. One of my favourite shops if you must know. And here it is…

Monstar Clothing
This, my fine kawaii friends and fiends, is the work of the effortlessly cool Monstar Clothing. Sweet, isn’t it? Monstar Clothing are the designers of some seriously cool t-shirts, buttons, and belt buckles. And they’re no slouches either! As well as having a Big Cartel shop, they’ve also recently opened an Etsy store too! Cute, crafty, creative, and cool. Who could ask for more?

Keeping it cute and cool,
Skull Mascot :)

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