Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doomcat. Comic Coolness!

written by Gargoyle Mascot

As a gargoyle, and something of a caricature myself, I am often drawn to fellow comic creations and creatures, which is why I’m here today. Because today I want to introduce you all to the fantastic work of a couple of illustrators and comic book artists I recently discovered while browsing through the pages of RedBubble. They go by the name of Doomcat, and I’m pretty sure you’ll like them too…

Doomcat at RedBubble
Cool, aren’t they? What you’re looking at above is just a selection of some of the great t-shirts that Doomcat have for sale at their RedBubble store. And, if you like what you see there, which I’m sure you do, then I just know you’re going to love the Bear Nuts web comic that Doomcat publish. See? I told you you would! Don’t say I never treat you folks :)

Your comic connoisseur,
Gargoyle Mascot :)

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