Friday, April 30, 2010

Monthly Round-up. April 2010

written by Ed Mascot

Well folks, there goes April - another month in the life of the KawaiiPunk Blog gone! But what a month it was! A month in which we got to see a child-like Junior Mascot, found out that Greeks were better than Romans, and even solved the mystery of alien abduction! And along the way we also got to see the fantastic work of Pipapiep, Flyk, and Monstar Clothing, to name but a few! And, as ever, we also got a monthly puzzle from our very own Puzzle Mascot! Did you work out who helped the Minotaur Mascot escape?

Did you work out who helped the Minotaur Mascot escape?
Amazing! It was none other than the Puzzle Mascot himself! Who’d of thought the mascot that set the puzzle, would turn out to be the one that solved it! Simply incredible! Just how on earth are we going to top that revelation? Well… come back next month folks and you might just find out, because the word on the street is that next month’s blog is going to be even more action packed than ever! There’s even a rumour of a birthday party on the cards! I know, it is intriguing, isn’t it?

See you all in May.
Your host with the most,
Ed Mascot :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doomcat. Comic Coolness!

written by Gargoyle Mascot

As a gargoyle, and something of a caricature myself, I am often drawn to fellow comic creations and creatures, which is why I’m here today. Because today I want to introduce you all to the fantastic work of a couple of illustrators and comic book artists I recently discovered while browsing through the pages of RedBubble. They go by the name of Doomcat, and I’m pretty sure you’ll like them too…

Doomcat at RedBubble
Cool, aren’t they? What you’re looking at above is just a selection of some of the great t-shirts that Doomcat have for sale at their RedBubble store. And, if you like what you see there, which I’m sure you do, then I just know you’re going to love the Bear Nuts web comic that Doomcat publish. See? I told you you would! Don’t say I never treat you folks :)

Your comic connoisseur,
Gargoyle Mascot :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Painting by Numbers Cubist Mascot

Readers' Art

Dear Cubist Mascot,

I noticed that earlier this month a reader sent in some artwork of the Junior Mascot to celebrate his love of fun, games, and childhood. (Re. Dot to Dot Junior Mascot) I thought this was a really good idea. So much so in fact that I decided I’d pretty much copy it! I work in television, so I’m used to copying other peoples ideas! Obviously I made a few subtle changes, as any good plagiarist does, and the resulting artwork was this…

Painting by numbers Cubist Mascot
It’s a picture of yourself in the style of a painting by numbers kit to reflect your love of art. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Although, given the underhand way in which I came up with the idea for it, perhaps I should have dedicated it to the Sneaky Mascot instead! Ho hum! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece of ripped off art, much in the same way that TV programme commissioners enjoy anything with a celebrity panel, drawn out judging processes, contestants with sob stories, sticking bunches of people in houses, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum…

Yours sincerely,
Eleanor Stephenson. Aged 28.

Cubist Mascot replies...

Thank you Eleanor. Your artwork is very much appreciated, even if it did start off as someone else’s idea. After all, it’s not as if I invented cubism!

Always enjoying the art,
Cubist Mascot :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Monstar Clothing. Cute and Cool!

written by Skull Mascot

As the newest member of the KawaiiPunk Mascots I thought I’d better make my first post something special. Something that sums up my discerning eye for kawaii and innate instinct for all things cool. After all, first impressions are very important, even for monsters like me :) Luckily I already had something in mind. One of my favourite shops if you must know. And here it is…

Monstar Clothing
This, my fine kawaii friends and fiends, is the work of the effortlessly cool Monstar Clothing. Sweet, isn’t it? Monstar Clothing are the designers of some seriously cool t-shirts, buttons, and belt buckles. And they’re no slouches either! As well as having a Big Cartel shop, they’ve also recently opened an Etsy store too! Cute, crafty, creative, and cool. Who could ask for more?

Keeping it cute and cool,
Skull Mascot :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Labyrinth Logic! Minotaur Mascot!

written by Puzzle Mascot

Hip hip hooray readers! It’s time for another puzzle! And what a puzzle I’ve got for you this month! It’s got myths! It’s got legends! It’s got mazes! And it’s got Mascots! Yes folks, you’ve guessed it, it’s the enigma that is the Minotaur Mascot! As we all know the fearsome Minotaur Mascot recently joined us here at KawaiiPunk, but the question that everyone is asking is… just how did he escape the labyrinth? Well, let’s have a look…

Can you work out who helped the Minotaur Mascot escape?
Hmmm, very interesting! It looks as if the Minotaur Mascot had some help in escaping from his supposedly eternal bindings. Well, you didn’t expect someone with the head of a bull to work it all out by themselves did you :) The question is… which mascot was it that master minded the Minotaur’s escape from the labyrinth? Was it Monster, Lucky 7, Skull, or was it… me? The answer, as ever, will be revealed in this month’s monthly round-up!

Happy navigating,
Puzzle Mascot :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alien Abduction?

Readers' Emails

Dear Alien Mascot,

I was going to start this email by introducing myself, but now I’m starting to wonder if such formalities are necessary under the circumstances. You see I recently suffered from a bout of “missing time” and I’m starting to think that you may have been involved. It happened last Friday night when I went to the pub. I remember going in to the pub, drinking copious amounts of cheap lager, and then… nothing! The next thing I knew it was Saturday morning and I had the mother and father of all headaches! Puzzled by such an unexplainable event, a friend suggested I try the logical step of hypnotic regression to recover my lost memories. And so I did. Well, you can imagine my surprise when, under my highly suggestible hypnotic state, I drew this…

Evidence of alien abduction?
Look familiar? Now… I’m not normally the sort of person to point the finger of blame but, given the wealth of wholly indisputable scientific evidence behind me, not to mention the fact of there being no other reasonable explanation whatsoever for my missing time, I put it to you that you abducted me. And, as my abductor, I think I have the right to ask of you some questions. First and foremost of which is… do you know what I did with my watch? I’m pretty sure I had it on when I went in to the pub, but I haven’t seen it since!

Yours sincerely,
Davey “The Davester” Davidson.

Alien Mascot replies...

Sorry to disappoint you Davey, but I’m afraid it wasn’t me that abducted you. In fact, I think there’s a very distinct possibility that you weren’t abducted at all! Having said that, I may still be able to help you with your watch. Have you looked down the back of the couch? Because according to 99.9% of stand-up comedians that’s where these things usually end up! And that statistic, my friend, really is an indisputable scientific fact!

Always happy to help,
Alien Mascot :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Cute Shop Called Cute Plush

written by Cute Mascot

Get ready for a treat readers, because today we’re going to be looking at a seriously cute shop. And when I say seriously cute, I mean seeeeeeeeeriously cute! In fact, this shop is so cute, it should be listed in the dictionary as a definition of the word cute! It really is that cute! Ready? Then let’s take a look. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you Cute Plush…

Kawaii treats at Cute Plush
See what I mean? Cute Plush is a sensational kawaii boutique that features the amazingly sweet works of artist and designer Claire Belton. Packed with adorable t-shirts, jewellery, stamps, phone charms, stickers and more, Cute Plush truly is a one stop shop for all you kawaii needs! And if you’re anything like me, your kawaii needs are quite substantial :)

Your connoisseur of cute,
Cute Mascot :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battle of the Ancients! Greek vs. Roman!

Ask a Mascot

Dear Minotaur Mascot,

Please, please, please, please help me! I recently got into an argument with a friend of mine regarding the achievements, and subsequent influence, of the ancient empires/civilisations of the Greeks versus the Romans. I know, that old chestnut! Anyway, my friend, as it turned out, was a die hard Roman fan, where as I have always been a champion of the Greeks - much like Odysseus! (Ha ha!) But seriously, my friend won’t listen to reason and just keeps banging on about “straight roads” like that’s the most important thing that ever happened in the world! I know that the ancient Greeks did so much more, but unfortunately I just can’t get my misguided fool of a friend to see the light. I was hoping you could help me convince this buffoon otherwise.

Yours hopefully,
Telemachus Jones

Minotaur Mascot replies...

Telemachus, it would be my pleasure! After all, nobody wants to have a buffoon for a friend! And besides, you are indeed correct - the Greeks were a far superior ancient civilisation to the Romans. And here’s my top 5 reasons why…

1. Democracy! The ancient Greeks invented the concept of representative government! And now, thanks to them, once every four years we’re all allowed to put a tick in a box! Hurrah!

2. Vowels! Until the Greeks came along the alphabet consisted only of consonants! Can you imagine what episodes of Countdown would have looked like if they hadn’t fixed that? Answer: Cntdwn!

3. Olympics! Possibly the ancient Greeks’ most enduring legacy. The first Olympics were held in 776 BC in Olympia and were estimated to have cost less than £1000 to stage in real terms. The next Olympics in 2012 will be held in London and most certainly wont! Remarkable!

4. Theatre! The ancient Greeks are responsible for giving us the wonderful world of theatre! And who doesn’t love theatre! I mean, everyone goes to the theatre, right?

5. Philosophy! You know when you’re bored, or don’t have anything to do, so you just sit around and think about stuff. Well, it was the ancient Greeks that invented that! And they called it philosophy!

So there you go Telemachus, my top 5 reasons why the ancient Greeks were better than the Romans! And if they’re still not enough reason to get your misguided friend to change his mind, then be sure to show him this mythical Greek sci-fi beauty to help him see the error of his ways - it’s the Odysseus inspired 1980’s Franco-Japanese anime series Ulysses 31…

See what I mean? Can’t remember seeing a smash hit cult kids cartoon based on the adventures of Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus! Although, with a name that long, that’s probably no real surprise! All the best, Telemachus!

Your mythological master,
Minotaur Mascot :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pipapiep. Monstrously Cute!

written by Monster Mascot

Aaaarrrgh! Hello everybody - it’s me again! What do you mean who? It’s me - the Monster Mascot! Couldn’t you tell by the terrifying roar! Honestly, you people! Anyway… today I’d like to introduce you all to a seriously cute crafter who shares my love for all things monstrous. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. And, because I’m a monster, there’s not a thing you can do to stop me!

Pipapiep at Etsy
There, I’ve done it! I told you I would! What you’re looking at folks are the amazingly imaginative works of a crafter extraordinaire that goes by the name of Pipapiep. And these monstrously cute creations and creatures are available for you to buy in the cutely monstrous Pipapiep Etsy store. Well? What are you waiting for? Don’t make me come over there and make you!

Your master of marvellous monstrosities,
Monster Mascot :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kawaiification! Bee Bee King!

Readers' Emails

Dear Sir/Madam,

It seems that yet again I have been remiss in my promise to keep you and your readers informed of the progress of my kawaiifying project. And yet again for this I apologise. It was recently brought to my attention by a dear friend that I had not corresponded with yourself since Christmas (Re. Kawaiification! Seasons Greetings!). I can assure you the fault for this lies squarely with me! It seems that when you reach my age time no longer crawls by but positively flies in all its proverbial glory! Anyway, to redeem myself I have created for you a work of timely kawaiification to mark the changing seasons…

Celebrating Spring with a kawaiified bumble bee!
Yes, that’s right, it’s a kawaiified bumble bee! What better way to mark the joys of Spring than to put a smiley little face on a bumble bee! Sheer genius, even if I do say so myself! Anyway, I hope you are well, and I will be sure to be in touch again to keep you informed of my kawaiifying pursuits. And, hopefully, you won’t have to wait so long for my next update!

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Justice Smithering Smythe (retired)

Ed Mascot replies...

Absolute delight to hear from you again your honour, and what a marvellous piece of Spring filled kawaiification! A bumble bee? Sheer genius indeed! You certainly haven’t lost any of your magic!

Keep up the good work,
Ed Mascot :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forgotten Fairy Tales from Flyk!

written by Cubist Mascot

In the world of art it is often the case that the most memorable works are those that manage to tap into a feeling of shared experience. After all, if a work manages to convey a communal sense of belonging to the viewer, it is, by its very nature, going to resonate with a greater number of people. Sadly it seems these works are getting harder and harder to find these days. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there…

Flyk at RedBubble
These stunning examples are the work of an artist who goes by the name of Flyk at RedBubble. Filled with evocative references to childhood, dreams, and fairy tales, these incredible artworks are a true tour de force in the power of the collective reference and shared experience. And luckily, for you, me, and anyone else who likes kawaii, they’re also incredibly cute :)

Your art aficionado,
Cubist Mascot :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dot to Dot Junior Mascot

Readers' Art

Dear Junior Mascot,

I’ve noticed in a lot of your posts that you seem to have a great fondness for toys, games, and childhood. And, I for one, agree with that viewpoint 100% To me there’s nothing that compares to those memories of endless summers playing in the park, climbing trees, falling, sustaining fractures, and rounding off the evening with a trip to A&E. Ahhh… the joys of a carefree youth! Anyway, to celebrate our mutual appreciation of childhood things, I thought I’d make you this…

Dot to dot Junior Mascot!
It’s a picture of your good self in the style of a good old fashioned dot to dot puzzle. I know, it is good isn’t it! I got the idea for it while babysitting for my sister’s seven children (aged two to ten) - an oddly irksome and thankless task given my fondness for childhood, but that’s another story! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this picture and, on a more personal note, I hope I never have to baby-sit for my sister ever again in my life!

Yours sincerely,
George Humble. Aged 42.

Junior Mascot replies...

Thanks George! I absolutely love it. I’ve always wondered what I’d look like as a dot to dot picture! Oh… and if you think looking after seven kids is an ordeal, you should try having to work with the Mischief Mascot! Absolute nightmare!

Keep those artworks coming,
Junior Mascot :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

N1ki Shop. Cute and Colourful!

written by Cute Mascot

Hello everybody. Today I’d like to introduce you all to a sensational slice of cute and kawaii heaven. No, I’m not talking about myself! Although you have to admit, I am quite cute :) Today I’m talking about a shop that’s got more cute characters and colourful creations than a fancy dress party for bunnies. Don’t believe me? Then have a look at this…

N1ki Shop at Zazzle
This, my kawaii hungry friends, is the utterly adorable N1ki Shop at Zazzle. See? I told you it was cute. The N1ki Shop sells a truly astounding range of t-shirts, hats, bags, shoes, buttons, cards, stationery, and even skateboards! All of which are adorned with some of the cutest characters and creations you’re ever likely to see! In fact, it’s got so many cute designs that I’m having a hard time picking out a favourite. Perhaps you could head on over and help me out. Just a suggestion :)

Your courageous captain of cuteness,
Cute Mascot :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Horoscopes for April 2010

written by Mystic Mascot

Ahhhh… the mists clear and the spirits join us once again. But, with this being April Fools’ Day, one has to wonder what mood our psychic friends will be in. Will they bring fun and frivolity? Or will it be business as usual? Read on, if you dare…

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20
A tough choice is headed your way this month, and making the right decision should be your top priority. If in doubt, try flipping a coin!
Lucky unit of measurement: The milligram

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21
Sleeping while working is not an example of multitasking! Remember this to avoid a future of financial uncertainty and worry!
Lucky unit of measurement: The furlong

Gemini May 22 - Jun 22
If you’ve been thinking about buying a new lawn mower lately, then now’s the time to do it. If you haven’t, then don’t!
Lucky unit of measurement: The megaton

Cancer Jun 23 - Jul 23
Cherry flavoured shoelaces are indeed a cheap and tasty treat. They are however no substitute for real shoelaces. Just letting you know!
Lucky unit of measurement: The square foot

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23
Buying clothes to grow into is only ever a good idea for children. Heed this advice if you want to avoid looking like a fool! Ignore it if you’re trying to get that eighties look!
Lucky unit of measurement: The fathom

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23
An encounter with a wholesale onion salesman has the potential to leave you in tears. Although… that is kind of obvious!
Lucky unit of measurement: The ounce

Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23
It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Unfortunately it is also the most common form of mockery! Remember this when making first impressions!
Lucky unit of measurement: The light year

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22
Now’s the time to crack on with all those little jobs you’ve been putting off - so wave goodbye to your social life for the next four weeks! What? It’s not my fault you’re so lazy!
Lucky unit of measurement: The centimetre

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21
Trying to remember the name of an actor will drive you absolutely crazy this month, so here’s a clue to help: he was in that show with that girl, you know, the one with the car or something!
Lucky unit of measurement: The cubit

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20
Honesty is the best policy if you want to get through this month with your dignity intact. And besides, we all know it wasn’t like that when you got there!
Lucky unit of measurement: The mile

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19
You’re right, be yourself is good advice. Unfortunately however it is not always applicable. Remember this when attending that fancy dress party!
Lucky unit of measurement: The gallon

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20
Plagiarism is not the same thing as recycling. Take note of this to avoid unwanted embarrassment! Not to mention lawsuits!
Lucky unit of measurement: The acre

Ahhhh… the mists return and the spirits depart once more. Looks like it was business as usual, as usual! Until we meet again,
Mystic Mascot :)