Friday, March 26, 2010

Puzzling the Puzzle Mascot! Ver2.0!

Readers' Emails

Dear Puzzle Mascot,

So you won the first round. (Re. Puzzling the Puzzle Mascot!) Big whoops! That was merely a warm up. The real challenge starts now! Ahhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! (That’s an evil laugh, although you probably already know that by now!) Anyway, get ready to meet your downfall - a puzzle of such diabolical difficulty that it’s been banned in 13 countries. Puzzle Mascot, take a look at this…

The Mascot Madness Ver2.0 Puzzle!
I call this monster… Mascot Madness Ver2.0! Ahhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! (Again, that’s my trademark evil laugh!) Once again the challenge is to work out the numerical value for each Mascot. The totals of the added values are displayed at the end, and bottom, of every row and column, and every Mascot has a different value. Prepare to bow down and meet you master! Ahhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! (Evil!)

Still your arch nemesis,
The Puzzmaster.

Puzzle Mascot replies...

Freak Mascot = 3. Doll Mascot = 4. Cubist Mascot = 5. Junior Mascot = 6. Demon Mascot = 7. Please don’t write again.

Yours etc,
Puzzle Mascot :)

1 comment:

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