Monday, March 15, 2010

Kawaii Music from U900!

written by Stereo Mascot

As an avid music fan who writes for a kawaii blog, I often find myself struggling to find cute bands or music to write about. It’s not that there aren’t cute bands or music out there, it’s just that they’re so rarely recognised by the popular music press or media that finding them can be a somewhat tricky and lengthy process. We’ve all heard of awards for best rock band, or best pop single performed by a female artist, but when’s the last time you heard of an award for the cutest amigurumi band, or best kawaii single performed by a knitted character or characters? Probably never, I’d wager! Well today that changes! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, the cutest band in the world… U900…

See, I told you they were cute :) U900 are couple of Japanese ukulele playing amigurumi characters who like nothing more than rocking out to their own beautiful brand of surf music! And, in the tradition of many a surf band before them, they’re even pretty adept at covering surf classics. The clip above is a cover of Diamond Head by surf legends The Ventures! Pretty cool, isn’t it? And the even better news is that U900 aren’t just an internet sensation! You can actually buy U900 albums and DVDs to listen to and watch whenever you like. Woohoo! Just check out their MySpace page for details!

Keeping music cute and kawaii,
Stereo Mascot :)

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