Friday, March 19, 2010

Business Cards for Losers!

Readers' Art

Dear Ed Mascot,

I’ve been an avid reader of this blog since the day it started, but enough about my problems! Last month I noticed a reader sent in a Valentines card that featured the Freak Mascot. (Re. Freaky Valentines Card!) They said they’d made it so the Freak Mascot wouldn’t feel left out. A very sweet sentiment indeed! Which got me thinking… in all my time reading this blog, I haven’t noticed anyone sending you any gifts. I thought this was a shame, so I made you these…

Kawaii business cards for Ed Mascot!
They’re business cards! I know, they are very professional looking, aren’t they? I tailored them specifically for you and mentioned all of your top strengths and skills - mediocre blogger, kinda funny looking, and a bit of a nerd! Perhaps you could use them when you meet influential people to make an immediate and lasting impression. I’m sure I’d remember you if you used one of these beauties on me!

Yours sincerely,
Janet Roland. Aged 24.

Ed Mascot replies...

Wow! Thanks Janet. I’ve always wanted my own business cards. Although I’m not sure I pictured them with “kinda funny looking” written on them! Oh well…

I guess it’s the thought that counts,
Ed Mascot :)

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