Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miranda. Sensational Sci-fi!

written by Robot Mascot

As a kawaii robot who writes for a kawaii blog, I often find myself struggling to find cute things to write about. It seems that while many designers are happy to make cute creations in a multitude of genres there does seem to be one notable exception. I speak of course of science fiction. Well, I’ve decided this lack of sci-fi cuteness ends here! Readers, I give you Miranda…

Miranda at RedBubble
Miranda is a super talented illustrator whose amazingly cute and sci-fi themed t-shirts can be found at her equally cute and sci-fi themed RedBubble store! Hurrah! Now I, and my fellow lovers of all things sci-fi related, can rejoice in the cuteness of adorable aliens and astronauts until our robotic hearts are content. Fans of incredibly cute t-shirts will probably love it too :)

Long live kawaii sci-fi,
Robot Mascot :)

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