Monday, February 22, 2010

Fluffels. Creature Cuteness!

written by Monster Mascot

Aaaarrrgh! Hello again readers, Monster here. I know you probably weren’t expecting to hear from me until Halloween but, much like puppies at Christmas, I’m of the opinion that monsters are for all the year round! And you should be too, if you know what’s good for you! After all, ignoring us monsters doesn’t make us go away you know :) Anyway, let’s get on with the show…

Cute creatures at Fluffels!
Today I’d like to introduce you all to a creature packed store called Fluffels. Nice, isn’t it? Fluffels is the work of Mariska Vos-Bolman and is a cute creature lovers’ dream come true. As well as selling her adorable creations in plush form, she also sells amazingly cute jewellery, as well as keyrings and buttons and more besides. But that’s not all… there’s even a Fluffels Zazzle store, so you can pick yourself up a cute t-shirt or two too! Fantastic!

Making Halloween last that little bit longer,
Monster Mascot :)