Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Made Famous by Creamous!

written by Junior Mascot

At the KawaiiPunk Blog, as I’m sure you already know, we always like to hear from our readers about the latest kawaii toys and goodies. Letters about the Ed Mascot looking like a geek go down well too, but that’s another story :) Recently we were contacted by a reader who directed us to a truly unique creation that, unbelievably, had managed to slip by our kawaii radar undetected. It goes by the name of Creamous…

Handmade kawaii toys at Creamous
Neat, isn’t it? Creamous is the next step in cute collectables, not to mention a tour de force in handmade handicrafts - a kawaii connoisseurs dream if ever there was one! It’s coolly crafted characters, or Littles, to give them their proper name, are among the finest examples of collectable toys around today, and would be a welcome addition to any mantelpiece! But don’t just take my word for it - head on over and have a look for yourselves! Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Your tutor in toyland,
Junior Mascot :)

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