Monday, January 4, 2010

Evadelia. Sweet Styles!

written by Sweet Mascot

They say the luckiest person on earth is the person that gets paid to do what they love, and for me that love is fashion. Yes, there’s nothing I enjoy more that spotting new trends and finding sweet styles! And if I could only work out how to get paid for it, I’d be laughing! Only joking! Sharing these treasures with you is more than enough reward for me. So here goes…

Evadelia at RedBubble
This, my fine followers of fashion, is the amazingly sweet work of a very talented designer called Evadelia. Her colourfully cute work can be found at RedBubble and is just the ticket for shifting those cold January blues. Bunnies, skunks, frogs, birdies, and even monsters can all be found in her fantastic store, and are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Even the Grumpy Mascot :) Enjoy!

Always happy to help,
Sweet Mascot :)

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