Friday, January 22, 2010

Cute LOST t-shirts at CafePress

written by TV Mascot

As a fan of all things television related, not to mention avid connoisseur of cuteness, I was very excited to hear that CafePress had teamed up with ABC TV to let its members create their own t-shirt designs for the hit TV show LOST. No surprise there I hear you say, and you’re right. Unfortunately however, it turned out I wasn’t the only one around here to get excited - the guy behind the KawaiiPunk Blog got pretty excited too! In fact he got so excited he temporarily abandoned his KawaiiPunk duties and spent the whole week doing this instead…

Lost t-shirts - Oceanic Airlines Stewardess tee
Can you believe it? While me and my fellow mascots have been left to fend for ourselves, our resident graphic designer has been busy making up incredibly cute t-shirts to celebrate the upcoming final season of LOST! What a cheek! And as if designing an adorable Oceanic Airlines Stewardess t-shirt wasn’t enough, he then went on to do this…

Lost t-shirts - Oceanic Airlines Luggage tee
Unbelievable! It’s another cute LOST t-shirt - this time an Oceanic Airlines Luggage design! I mean really! One cute t-shirt is forgivable, but this? And… just when I thought his excessive moonlighting had come to an end, he then had the brass neck to get me to write this piece about the whole treacherous affair! If you ask me I’d say the Money Mascot would have been a far more appropriate choice for such a blatant piece of self promotion! Still… I suppose the designs are quite cute :)

Making television a cuter place,
TV Mascot :)