Monday, December 21, 2009

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girls!

Ask a Mascot

Dear Lovestruck Mascot,

As an expert in all things romantic I thought you might be able to help me with a problem I’m having. You see, I recently asked a girl at school to go to the Christmas dance with me and she said yes! No problem there I hear you say, and you’re right! The problem is I don’t know what to get her for a Christmas present! Her name is Jennifer. She’s really pretty, she’s really funny, and she’s really nice! I want to make a good impression with my gift because I would love her to be my girlfriend. I was thinking about perfume, jewellery, chocolates or flowers as a Christmas present, but thought I’d better check with you first to make sure they were suitably romantic presents. I’d be extremely grateful for any words of wisdom you could share.

Yours sincerely,
Jamie Carmichael.

Mischief Mascot replies...

Sorry Jamie, Lovestruck’s not here right now. But don’t worry, I’ll be more than happy to help with your problem. (Tee hee!) Because, believe it or not, I am also something of an expert when it comes to choosing the perfect romantic Christmas present, and you can forget all that perfume, jewellery, chocolates and flowers nonsense right now! Girls can’t stand stuff like that! (Ho ho!) So forget the Lovestruck Mascot, here’s my top 5 romantic Christmas gifts for girls to make a lasting impression…

1. Spiders! Girls absolutely love spiders! Even the mere sight of one will get them screaming with delight! And it’s certainly a present they’ll remember! (Tee hee!)

2. Football tops! Every girl loves fashion and what could be more fashionable than a football top. Preferably a garish away strip! (Chortle!)

3. Video games! Everyone knows that girls go crazy for gamers, so why not treat her to a slice of gaming goodness! I’d suggest a fantasy based strategic RPG, if you really want to impress! (Ha ha ha!)

4. Power tools! Girls absolutely adore DIY, and are never happier than when they’re knocking up a couple of shelves or whatnot around the house! Just picture her smiling face! (Chuckle!)

5. The Godfather Trilogy DVD Boxset! Forget Dirty Dancing and Love Actually. If it’s a romantic gesture you’re after, this is the gift that every girl dreams of! (Ho ho!)

So Jamie, there you have it. A master class in romantic gift buying. (Ha ha ha!) And as if that wasn’t enough, I can also reveal to you a truly romantic shop too! Check this out…

See? Just the ticket when shopping for girls! (Chuckle!) Be sure to let me know how things work out with you and Jennifer, because I can’t wait to find out! (Tee hee!)

Have a happy and romantic Christmas (Ho ho!),
Mischief Mascot :)

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