Monday, December 14, 2009

Jess White. Tip Top Tees!

written by Demon Mascot

At the KawaiiPunk Blog we always strive to bring you the best kawaii goods we can find. And I reckon we do quite a good job, even if I do say so myself :) But of course there are many different kinds of kawaii out there and, believe it or not, it doesn’t always have to be sweet to be cute. Today I’d like to introduce you all to a designer who has managed to create her own truly unique kawaii style.

Jess White at RedBubble
Pretty cool, isn’t it? The artist responsible for these works is called Jess White, and her wonderful creations can be found at her RedBubble store. And what creations they are! Cannibal Lollies, Brain Eating Zombies, Broken Crayons, and even a Pooping Cloud can be found at her fantastic shop - all laced with a great sense of humour and looking as cute as they come. Truly great Stuff!

Always keeping kawaii cool,
Demon Mascot :)

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