Monday, December 7, 2009

Centenary Celebrations!

written by Ed Mascot

Hello readers, it’s your host with the most with a very special post! Yes, that’s right folks, today marks the 100th post for the KawaiiPunk - Kawaii Mascot Blog. Hurrah! Ummm… not quite sure what else to say to be honest. Oh man! What a time for writers block, huh? Ehhh… hope you’re all enjoying the blog? Ahhh… how about a picture? Yeah, that’ll work…

100th post at KawaiiPunk Blog!
Wow, look at that huh? A picture of me with some of my favourite posts that have made this blog what it is today; the fantastic crafters, designers, and shops - Apple Noggin, Coolpuk, BubbleDoll, Fly Design, and Modes4U; and a selection of posts from ourselves and our readers - a pixelated Tiny Mascot, the Guy Behind KawaiiPunk as a kid, a mushroom with a slug on it, and that time we had to apologise to Lady Gaga. Ahhh… great days!

Thanks for your support,
And here’s to the next hundred,
Ed Mascot :)

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