Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cute and Creepy!

Readers' Art

Dear Cute Mascot,

After my last correspondence (Re. Sweet and Scary!) I thought the Ed Mascot may have seen the light and refocused this blog on its original intention - kawaii! Clearly I was wrong! Not only have your fellow monstrous mascots continued to overrun this blog with their self indulgent and gruesome celebration of Halloween, but the Ghost Mascot even went as far as to dedicate a whole post to Horror Top Trumps - where is the kawaii in that? And as if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to describe the Littlest Pet Shop as ‘cute and adorable and all that other boring girly stuff!’ Well enough is enough! When I read this decidedly average blog I want kawaii, and I’m sure that you do too! So here goes…

Ghost Cute Mascot!
There! It’s a picture of your fine self as a gruesome ghoul, and looking mighty cute too, even if I do say so myself! Take that Ghost, Zombie, Mummy, Monster and Demon Mascots! Cute rules and kawaii is forever!

Always flying the kawaii flag,
Vanessa Thompson. Aged 26.

Cute Mascot replies...

Thanks Vanessa, it’s always nice to hear from a kawaii fan. Although to be honest, I actually quite like Halloween! I even think the Monster Mascot is pretty cute, but don’t tell him I said so :)

Happy Halloween,
Cute Mascot :)

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