Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Borked Planet! Creature Creations!

written by Mummy Mascot

As an incredibly well liked and popular monster I always find that Halloween is my busiest time of year. Every time it rolls around I find myself inundated with gifts and goodies from well wishers the world over. I’m sure you’re just the same :) Anyway… each year I end up with the same dilemma - where do I store my loot? My tomb? My sarcophagus? My offshore safety deposit box? Choices, choices, choices! Luckily this year I’ve managed to find the perfect solution to this annual conundrum, and here it is…

Borked Planet at Etsy
It’s called Borked Planet. Borked Planet is a fantastic Etsy shop that specialises in crafty creature creations. It’s got robot patches, ghostly greeting cards, zombie paintings and, most importantly, it’s got monster boxes to keep all these cutely creepy crafts safe and secure. They’re also just the thing for keeping all your hard earned Halloween treats away form greedy little brothers and sisters! Or mums and dads for that matter! Enjoy!

Always happy to help,
Mummy Mascot :)

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