Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sugar Overkill! Cool Characters!

written by Demon Mascot

As you know we KawaiiPunk mascots always like to bring you the cutest cuts of kawaii goodies, and we’ve all got our own speciality. Sweet reckons she’s got fashion stitched up, Cute swears she’s the best rainbow spotter in town, and Junior says he can spot a playground craze from a hundred paces. Me? Well I’m the mascot the others turn to when they’re looking for something cool. Which brings me to this…

Sugar Overkill at Zazzle
This my friends is the Sugar Overkill shop at Zazzle. A shop packed with so many cool characters that you’ll never have to worry about your ice cream melting again! Although judging by the Cupcake Attack button, I wouldn’t leave any confectionaries unattended! As well as buttons the shop sells everything from t-shirts and mugs to postcards and bags. And everything in between! A must for fans of kawaii cool everywhere!

Take it easy,
Demon Mascot :)

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