Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stuck in the Seventies!

Ask a Mascot

Dear Disco Mascot,

Please help! I’ve recently had to return to school which, after a long carefree summer of sun filled lazy days, is a real drag! No more afternoons hanging around the mall with my friends. No more evenings happily playing in the park. Nope, it’s back to school for me! Anyway… as a teacher I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to keep my pupils interested in the learning experience. This year I thought I’d teach them all about the 1970’s, but I’m worried they might find all the stuff about strikes and unemployment a bit dull! Is there any chance you could clue me in to some of the more exciting aspects of life the seventies and make my classroom a groovier place?

Yours hopefully,
Miss Henderson

Disco Mascot replies...

Well Miss Henderson, if it’s groovy you’re after, it’s groovy you’ll get! The 1970’s were awash with groove, and funk, and disco! Here’s my top 5 suggestions to get your classroom swinging, seventies style…

1. Dress the part! Break out the flares, platforms, hipsters and hotpants! Don’t just let the kids learn about the seventies. Let them wear it!

2. Eat the part! Say goodbye to those boring school dinners and crack out the old fondue! Fun and funky! And everybody loves a communal cheese pot!

3. Bounce around! Space Hoppers were the main mode of transport in the seventies, and are as practical today as they were then! Just make sure you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere!

4. Have a retro rebrand day! Buy some Starbursts and Snickers, and amaze your pupils by renaming them Opal Fruits and Marathon! WOW!

5. Solve a mystery! Solving mysteries was all the rage in the seventies. Scooby Doo and Hong Kong Phooey were always at it. Not to mention my personal favourites… Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels…

There you go Miss Henderson. I hope these tips help you and your pupils out, and make your classroom a hipper and happier place to be! Don’t hesitate for a second if you want any more, as I’m always happy to help!

Your seventies sensation,
Disco Mascot :)

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