Monday, September 28, 2009

Itasho Erasers! Making Mistakes Fun!

written by Unlucky 13 Mascot

We all know there are people out there who never seem to make mistakes. No matter what they do or where they go the sun always seems to shine on them. Around here he’s called the Lucky 7 Mascot :) For the rest of us however, and I definitely include myself in that category, mistakes and mishaps are an ever present part of our daily routine! But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

Itasho erasers
Welcome to the wonderful world of Itasho Erasers! At Itasho Erasers they’ve managed to make the act of making mistakes, not to mention fixing them, a joyous occasion! With amazingly cute erasers coming in all sorts of shapes, including burgers, fries, penguins, bunnies, biscuits, cakes and more, the good folks at Itasho could be accused of encouraging us all to make more mistakes! And I for one support them! After all, where’s the fun in getting it right all the time!

Always happy to make a misteak (Woops!),
Unlucky 13 Mascot :)

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