Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazing Advertising Opportunity!

written by Money Mascot

Some of our more eagle eyed readers may have noticed a change to the KawaiiPunk Blog in the last week. No, I’m not talking about the new link image featuring the Demon Mascot, although that is pretty cool. I’m talking about the brand spanking new advertising opportunity! Well… what did you expect? I am the Money Mascot after all :)

Amazing advertising opportunity!
That’s right! Now you can advertise on the KawaiiPunk Blog and promote your own blog, shop or website to upwards of 18 people per day! Can you imagine! That’s 18 whole people! One of whom may even click on your ad! What an opportunity! But the best is still to come! If you ever see the banner featuring myself (pictured above) being displayed, that means you can advertise for free! That’s right, it won’t cost you a dime! Just head on over to Project Wonderful, sign up, and you could be reaching literally a fraction of a handful of people everyday with the KawaiiPunk Blog! WOW!

Always bringing you the best bargains,
Money Mascot :)

P.S. The reader numbers quoted in this post are of a general nature and should not be relied upon as an absolute guide, although they are a regrettably accurate ball park figure at the time of posting :)

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