Monday, August 17, 2009

Rare Vinyl Toys. Toy-Tastic!

written by Junior Mascot

It’s often said that kids prefer to play with the boxes toys come in rather than the toys themselves. This is of course nonsense! The reason kids end up playing with boxes is because the grown-ups are usually the ones that get their hands on the toys first, particularly dads! Don’t believe me? Just visit any family at Christmas and you’ll see a parade of bewildered children watch in disbelief as their father knocks himself out playing with their hard earned presents! If we can learn one thing from all this it’s that everyone loves a good toy, which brings me to this…

Rare Vinyl Toys
This folks is the fantastic Rare Vinyl Toys shop. A shop that specialises in bringing its customers the coolest, cutest, and craziest designer vinyl toys available. Among its vast selection of characters you’ll find works from Amos, Kidrobot, STRANGEco, Tokidoki, and more. A lot of the toys in stock are, as the shop name suggests, exceptionally rare, so if you’ve been having trouble finding that particular toy to complete your collection, or if you’ve been thinking of starting a new one, then Rare Vinyl Toys is a great store to visit! Just remember to keep dad out the way when your toys arrive, unless you like playing with empty boxes :)

Your top toy tipster,
Junior Mascot :)

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