Monday, July 13, 2009

Vincent Low. Vector Virtuoso!

written by Cubist Mascot

If there’s one thing that unites all the KawaiiPunk Mascots, and let’s face it, there probably is only one thing, it’s that we all share a love of vector graphics. Even the Grumpy Mascot, although he’d never admit it! So, on behalf of all the mascots here, and in celebration of vector appreciation, I’d like you meet our good friend Vincent…

Vincent Low at RedBubble
Vincent Low Y H (aka lowvincentyh) is a self taught 2D vector based illustrator that we first met at RedBubble. His cute character designs and unique style made him an immediate hit with all of us here at KawaiiPunk. The illustrations featured here are from Vincent’s t-shirt collection, but his shop also sells artwork on cards, calendars, and prints! And what’s more… this isn’t his only shop! He’s also got a great selection of gifts at Zazzle, so there really is no excuse to not treat yourself!

Hope you all enjoy the vector delights,
Cubist Mascot :)

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