Friday, June 26, 2009

KawaiiPunk at RedBubble

written by Money Mascot

Hey everybody, it’s me again - here to tell you all about another great KawaiiPunk shop. Yeah, you’re right, I am plugging my own stuff again! What did you expect? You think I got the name Money Mascot in a lucky dip? You think the Sleepy Mascot’s going to do it? Forget it! That guy won’t get out of bed for nothing! Nope, when it comes to self promotion there’s only one mascot for the job, and that’s me! So take a look at this…

KawaiiPunk Shop at RedBubble

What you’re looking at my fine kawaii friends are some of the truly spectacular t-shirt designs from the KawaiiPunk RedBubble shop - there’s even one with the Ed Mascot on it! But don’t let that put you off! A lot of the tees at this KawaiiPunk store are exclusive to RedBubble, so be sure to check it out and start shopping! And remember to tell all your friends too!

Yours shamelessly,
Money Mascot :)

P.S. Don’t forget… send us a pic of yourself and your purchase and we’ll post it right here for all the world to see! How cool would that be?