Monday, June 8, 2009

KawaiiPunk at CafePress

written by Money Mascot

Hello readers, Money Mascot here – your friendly financial advisor and shamefully shameless self promoter! Today I’d like to introduce you all to a truly fabulous kawaii shop. It’s got cute clothes, sweet stationery, cool cards, and best of all… it’s got me! It’s the KawaiiPunk shop at CafePress! What? You think Donald Trump got where he is without blowing his own trumpet?

KawaiiPunk Shop at CafePress

At the KawaiiPunk CafePress shop you can buy t-shirts, jerseys, kids clothing, hats, bags, buttons, badges, mugs, stationery, journals, postcards, note cards, greeting cards and camcorders! All adorned with amazing designs of myself and my fellow KawaiiPunk colleagues, even the Freak Mascot! But don't just take my word for it, head on over and see for yourself! Just don’t forget your credit card :)

Happy shopping,
Money Mascot :)

P.S. Send us a pic of yourself with your KawaiiPunk purchase and we’ll make you the envy of your friends by posting it here! Imagine that!