Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gogos! Cool Kawaii Collectables!

written by Junior Mascot

As the youngest member of the KawaiiPunk Mascots I’m always on the lookout for the coolest toys and craziest playground crazes. After all, what’s the point of having pocket money if you never spend it! Lately I’ve been happily frittering away my hard earned pennies on Gogos. Lots and lots of Gogos! Here, have a look…

Gogos Crazy Bones
For those of you still in the dark about these cute characters Gogos are pocket sized toys and stickers that can be collected and traded. They usually come in packs of three and, at only 99p, are just perfect for the kawaii collector on a budget! You can also get a sticker album, a cool carrying bag, and even a limited edition tin if you feel like pushing the boat out! Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike!

Happy collecting,
Junior Mascot :)


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