Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chu Things! Adorable Astrology!

written by Mystic Mascot

Greetings readers. It is I, the Mystic Mascot - seer of all things kawaii! Peering in to my crystal ball this week I have discovered a wondrous place, the like of which has never been seen before. It’s a place filled happy bunnies, cute cookies and smiling sushi. Luckily, for those of you who don’t have the gift of clairvoyance, it can also be found on the internet! It’s a shop over at Zazzle called Chu Things…

Chu Things at Zazzle
As you can see Chu Things have some seriously cute designs and are more than happy to cater for kawaii astrologists like myself. Just looking at these star sign buttons will make you wish you had 12 birthdays - they’re all so cute! Add the fact that Chu Things also have adorable t-shirts, cards, mugs, keyrings and more, and pretty soon you’ll be wishing you had a birthday every day! Actually… why not treat yourself, and pretend you do!

Happy birthday,
Mystic Mascot :)

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  1. Astrology can predict the people who are prone to dyeing in an accident however in case of a calamity it is the natural zodiac at play. These things can only be predicted by going into the lowest levels of a chart and the science of predicting death in a calamity is lost to the world.

    It only exists in Nadi Astrology where they are able to predict death by accident accurately.

    An example in context was a learned astrologer on a train who saw palms and after seeing a few decided to deplane at the next station. The train met with an accident soon.