Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tasty Treats at Asking For Trouble

written by Mischief Mascot

Hello readers, Mischief here. Hurrah, my first post! Just wanted to let you all know that top illustrator, and friend of KawaiiPunk, Marceline Smith has recently opened a new shop at Zazzle. It’s called Asking For Trouble and, believe me, it’s got more tasty kawaii treats than a sweet shop run by a rainbow…

Asking For Trouble at Zazzle
Packed with cute culinary characters like Cakeify the happy cupcake, Jammie Dodger and Bread Slice, this store is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for kawaii! Tees, stickers, shoes, mugs and more can all be found at Asking For Trouble, which really does have something for everyone, even babies! It’s a veritable one stop shop for all things cute!

Oh, I almost forgot, Marceline is also a contributor at the fantastic Super Cute Kawaii! blog - a cracking cornucopia of cool crafty cuteness! Easier written than said!

Hope you all enjoy the shop, and the blog!
Keep it cute,
Mischief Mascot :)

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