Friday, May 15, 2009

Psygon. Top Kawaii Tees!

written by Sweet Mascot

When it comes to fashion, style and all round cuteness there's only one mascot you readers can truly rely on. That's me, in case you haven't guessed! Sure, Punk's got attitude, Demon's got cool and Ed's got… glasses, but when it comes to spotting true kawaii talent any mascot worth his or her salt knows that I'm the one calling the shots.

On that note, and to prove my point, I'd like to introduce you all to the kawaiitastic world of Psygon. Whether it's cute kittens, huggable monkeys or adorable zebras this designer has a shirt for you. But don't just take my word for it, even though I'm always right, take a look at this…

Psygon at RedBubble
With so many cute tees in one place it's difficult to choose which one to buy first, although the adorable Cloud Kittens has to be a definite favourite. They're just so cute! Oh, I almost forgot, Psygon also sells cards! Just perfect if you're thinking of buying someone a super cute tee with clouds and kittens on it as a gift! What? I'm not dropping hints, I'm just saying…

Anyway, be sure to check out Psygon's shop, and be sure to check out my posts if you want to find more of the best kawaii fashions.

See you all soon,
Sweet Mascot :)

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