Friday, May 29, 2009

Panda Yay! Dreamy Doodles!

written by Junior Mascot

Can you imagine what a world without doodles would be like? Schoolkids would have to actually listen to all those boring stories about Romans. Grown ups would have to fake interest for hours on end when “that friend” phoned. And office meetings would turn in to out and out yawn-a-thons! Frightening, isn’t it? Thankfully we don’t live in that world, which brings me to this…

Panda Yay! Journal
The Anime Panda Doodles Journal at CafePress is for many the ultimate celebration of doodling, not to mention a bona fide kawaii masterpiece. Adorned with pandas, rainbows, clouds and hearts this slice of colourful cuteness has got to be one of the coolest journals ever. And the best part… it’s absolutely perfect for doodling in :) Why not head on over and take a look for yourselves?

See you all again soon, and keep on doodling,
Junior Mascot :)


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